See where your time spent on projects really goes.

Talllies focuses on tasks rather than time slots. Focusing your recording of time on outcomes allows you to analyse how your time is spent and create more accurate estimates next time around.

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Talllies time tracking


Task Specific

With Talllies you track your time on tasks rather than time slots. Recording time in this maner allows you to easily see how long each task has taken you, even if they were completed over a long period.

A breakdown of your time on each task is only ever a click away. Talllies shows each time period spent on that task as well as a total. You can also add time periods in the past if you forgot to record it.


We’ve learned from experience that a task will swell in complexilty to fill the time you've allow for it to take, many know this as Parkinson's Law.

We built Estimates to be a core feature of Talllies to target this exact problem, by holding yourself to a estimate you will trim the fat and focus on what is truly important.

Talllies will also present this information back you next time (see Intelligent Suggestions)

Powerful Reports

While tracking you total time for each task is great for knowing how long each task took and predicting future task time requirements, sometimes you just want to know what you’ve worked on for the last week.

Talllies’ Reports allows you to create a report for a time period, and if needed, to only search certain projects. This will create a breakdown of what percentage of time was spent on each project and will show you a list of total time spent on tasks within that period.

Intelligent suggestions for your next task

Recording time by tasks really comes into it’s own when creating an estimate for your next task. Talllies will give you autocomplete suggestions for task names, and when selected, will search for suggested estimates based on how long that task has taken in the past.


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